Oracle Advanced Inventory Planning (AIP) – Structures

As we saw in the last post Oracle Advanced Inventory Planning (AIP). AIP is a module that was developed to organize and manage the replenishment of retailers, especially retailers with large volumes of products and complex relationships in the supply chain.

So let’s talk about how the AIP is organized to meet the different needs that exist within the supply chain and how we can organize our information to work with AIP.

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Oracle Advanced Inventory Planning (AIP)

As I promised last year, this year we’ll write about differences solutions that we have within the RPAS. Among the solutions we’re going to talk during this year, one is Advanced Inventory Planning (AIP).

O Advanced Inventory Planning (AIP) is one of the most powerful and complex application that exist within the RPAS solutions. This solution has designed to support major retailers, with need to control a large number of products and inventory information .
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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

Another year is over! It’s time to remember all thing about this year; many things have happened: some bad (is true), but several good things (for sure).

I would like to leave my message of Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! which this new year, many new achievements and success happen for everybody.

I want to inform all those people who sent messages and/or questions about the different applications in RPAS: RDF, AssortPlan, MFP, AIP, etc ..

From next year, I’ll start writing about the RPAS applications: RDF, AssortPlan and AIP. I know there are several questions about each application, but I hope to help everybody with these new materials.


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!

RPAS Configuration Tools (Part 3) – Hierarchies definitions

After a little vacation, we back our activities! In this post, we will explain some settings of the hierarchies within the ConfigTools and some care that is needed during this step.

As we explained in RPAS Configuration Tools (Part 2) – Details about project components, when we created the project, the tool creates 5 (five) default hierarchies, they are: CLND (calendar/time), LOC (location), PROD (product), ADMU (user administration) and LNGS (languages).

ConfigTools – Hierarchies details

ConfigTools – Hierarchies details

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Oracle Retail Predictive Application Server (RPAS)

The Oracle Retail Predictive Application Server (commonly referred to as RPAS) is a configurable software platform for developing forecasting and planning applications, following a Client/Server OLAP model. Continue reading