What is your roles in RPAS?

You always want to start working with RPAS but don’t know what options you have, let me say you are not alone with this question. Some people ask us who want to work with RPAS, but often they don’t have ideia about it or don’t find a clear information where to start.

So this post will help you understand better which they are key roles that exist when you work with the RPAS. We separated some important informations and the main profiles that anyone can get involved with RPAS. Continue reading

How to install Fusion Client 14.1

Continuing the installation of Environment to RPAS Server 14.1; this time we will describe how to install the Fusion Client 14.1 in Weblogic Server.

Just to remember you, we did the installation of Weblogic and Oracle Database before, now we’ll install Fusion Client to be prepared to use when we’ll install RPAS Server 14.1.

Continue reading

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

Another year is over! It’s time to remember all thing about this year; many things have happened: some bad (is true), but several good things (for sure).

I would like to leave my message of Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! which this new year, many new achievements and success happen for everybody.

I want to inform all those people who sent messages and/or questions about the different applications in RPAS: RDF, AssortPlan, MFP, AIP, etc ..

From next year, I’ll start writing about the RPAS applications: RDF, AssortPlan and AIP. I know there are several questions about each application, but I hope to help everybody with these new materials.


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!