With over 5 years of experience in projects with major retailers with different planning process and tools, we are consultants and experts in retail planning working mainly with Oracle Retail solutions.

We have experience in different modules of the suite Oracle RPAS, to build business solutions that meet the needs of our customers. Given this experience, we decided to take a step forward on attend our partners and customers, so we decided to create this portal.

This portal will be dedicated to provide general knowledge material for people interested, partners or not, to deepen their knowledge about Oracle RPAS. We will be here to clarify your doubts and also provide best solutions in their daily needs.

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  1. Hi,

    I am working for a client who has implemented RPAS for there Stores. They have a single domain for Assortment planning and store clustering.
    While working on this from the front end i realised that few measures are not displaying any value nor they are editable. Could you guide me to the possible cause of this situation.


  2. Hi Folks,

    Thanks for your job! I’m pretty sure that it’s a first independed resource about Oracle RPAS solutions. Wish you grow!
    Let me know if you need any help with content(4 years exp. as rpas consultant).


  3. Hi Thiago

    It’s a nice idea for a blog and I hope it is successful. You can also post links to your articles from my linked in group, Oracle Retail Q&A which may help to drive traffic to your site.

  4. Hi Thiago,

    Thanks for your efforts for putting together all this information about RPAS. This is really helpful.
    I am willing to learn RPAS but the biggest problem I am facing it the unavailability of any environment for hands-on. Can you please suggest any solution for this problem.

    • Hi Nitish,

      About environment, I only use my own VM (with Oracle Linux) to build and test the tools. For example, environment as AIX only if you are in the client, because it’s very expensive to buy the license.

      You need to build the environment yourself!

      Thiago Mendes

  5. Hi guys,

    Congratulations on your work! It is a helpful tool for the RPAS community . I ‘m looking forward to watching your updates.

    Keep up the good work.

    Kostas Theocharoulis

    • Hi – Thank you for this knowledge base which will enrich RPAS community. I’d like to know if anyone have configured and executed forecast results using Casual Forecast with capping ratio. I’d like to execute base functionality and looking for step by step information. Appreciate your help.

  6. Hi Thiago,

    Thanks for putting up RPAS Consulting. A lot of my RPAS colleagues are now following your website.

    Any thoughts on RMS version 15’s Replenishment versus AIP’s replenishment? I read the white paper and this new feature from RMS looks promising.


    • Hi Gerald,

      I’m happy to help you and your friends with details about RPAS.
      I don’t see this white paper, can you send me to check and create this comparasion?


  7. Hi

    I been following your website, thanks a lot for the time you put in.

    Do you have information regarding RPAS v16?

    Thanks !!

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