Are you ready for RPAS v15? – Part 2

After Are you ready for RPAS v15? – Part 1, we’ll comments more details about the new version of RPAS, version 15. In this post, we’ll talk about the improvements that have been made in the Configuration Tools in this release and explain how it impact in our projects.

We don’t have many enhancements and they are quite simple, but it opens an interesting possibility to built solutions with better controls within the tool and prevent low quality procedures.

Functional Library Manager

With the implementation of RPAS Online Administration Tools within the Fusion Client, it’s necessary to update the Config Tools to meet the needs of this functionality that can be managed by a solution’s administrator.

One of the operations that can be done of administrator is about patching, so let’s explain this new functionality: Functional Library Manager.

This area is intended for the developer/project architect where they need to define which libraries should be used for solution(s) while running the patch in the server. So RPAS needs to know what are the libraries required to register during RpasInstall.


Function Library Manager


Deployment Tools

It’s a new area of the Config Tools dedicated to RPAS Online Administration Tools, therefore, the solution architect must identify all operations that will be available (including batches) to Administrator, define Global Domain Config (path of all domains of solution) and storage the workbooks distributed.

I’m exploring this new area to show more details, but as new projects are migrating to Cloud, we’ll see more steps and improvement in this area. For now, you must maintain a globaldomainconfig.xml well defined, trying to balance the number of items or SKU properly to run all processes with performance.

Other point very important, it’s about the definitions of the Administrative Tasks must be set to be easy to the Administrator uses within the Fusion Client.

I’ll explain more about these features in another post, with details about how to use and how to configure all information to be available in the solution

Deployment Tools

Deployment Tools


Pre-Range Mask with multiple measures

For me, it’s the best improvement of this version and it impacts directly architects and developers working on the configuration, thus allowing a better control of the wizards and information available in the workbooks.

So, for now, RPAS allows the Pre-Range Mask of workbooks to work with a metric for each hierarchy, thus, each hierarchy exists in the workbook can have a measure to control which information can be show/hidden in the workbook.

RPAS allows to use the same measure for multiple hierarchies, so it helps to don’t change the current control of Pre-Ranges Mask, this greatly facilitates the migration to the new version.

Pre Range Workbook

Pre Range Mask 


These are some changes in the Config Tools, but in the next post we’ll detail more about the Fusion Client and as users can benefit from the new version.

5 thoughts on “Are you ready for RPAS v15? – Part 2

  1. Hi, great post about the v15. I`ve heard Oracle did a great change on performance on fusion client, do you know anything about it?


  2. I am getting this error when i try to full install the config for the first time. Please help.

    “There was 1 failure:
    1) SHELL Failure: createGlobalDomain -c C:/Oracle/Configuration/config -i C:/Oracle/Configuration/input -loglevel warning -t RapidApproachMFP:0.1.0 -s
    There was 1 warning:
    1) installPristineDomains(com.retek.ride.installer.tasks.InstallPristineDomain)

    This error is for RPAS 14.1.

    • Hi Ganesh,

      About this error, normally we have error with hierarchies.

      You can execute this command line alone after full install error to understand more details of error.


      • i executed the comand line alone and got the below error

        $ sh -c “createGlobalDomain -c C:/Oracle/MFP/config -i C:/Oracle/MFP/input -loglevel warning -t RapidApproachMFP:0.1.0 -s”
        sh: createGlobalDomain: command not found

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