Are you ready for RPAS v15? – Part 1

At the end of 2015, Oracle launched a new version of Oracle Retail Suite, migrating all solutions to version 15.0. As expected, Oracle delivers in this new version of RPAS comes with more features and functionality for customers and partners.

We will bring and look at some features that are interesting and that will soon impact your day to day when you work with the new version;

RPAS Online Administration Tools

Up to version 14.1, we could defined two worlds in RPAS Solution: Front-End and Back-End.

  • Front End: responsible for all operations with end users, such as workbooks, measures, alertas, approving plans, etc.;
  • Back-End: responsible for all batch operations, binaries and systemic control information, such as: patching, run rule groups, export data to another system, etc.;

In RPAS v15 release, Oracle is searching close this gap between both worlds. So Oracles has brought new area in the Fusion Client called Online Administration Tools.

This new area is responsible to run almost all operations through Fusion Client, where Administrators can perform operations without access the application server.

But why this new feature? Simple, the Cloud is coming! With Oracle’s idea to move all modules for Cloud, it’s necessary a way to restrict access to the servers, and especially avoid issues in their cloud environments with security and wrong commands.

Although new, this feature will be widely used when new customers start using the Cloud solutions. So it’s worth keeping an eye on it!

Visual Planning

This is not a new RPAS functionality, but, in this version, some improvements are interesting and can serve well for those who has visual needs for its implementation, such as the Assortment Planning.

In previous version, Oracle introduced visual functionality within the RPAS, as show images of products or attributes within the workbook, validate final assortment in Images, etc.

In this new version, this functionality has been extended to give more simple actions, such as: drag and drop feature allows you to automatically populate some measures related to operation and now we can syncronize two worksheets to use drag and drop operations.

In addition, Oracle has delivered some export improvement with Excel, it allows to export the image to spreadsheets. This greatly facilitates to clients because they don’t need to manage two solution to create reports with images and RPAS measures.

There are other features that I’ll detail in a next post. But for now, if you have any questions and would like to know more details, send your message to me.

6 thoughts on “Are you ready for RPAS v15? – Part 1

  1. Such a great post.

    You have summarized in a very easy way the improvements for the RPAS v15.

    I am doing some research to find out somewhere what are the reviews from the end users in the sense of how user friendly (and productive) this new version is.

    As you know most of the end users are still tempted to export data from MFP to work in Excel sheets and considering a retail company which has a considerable number of nodes to plan I have my doubts about how fast the interface can be when working with a high number of intersections.

    Please keep it up the good work with your blog. It is very informative!


    Fabricio Silveira

    • Hi Fabricio,

      Thank you for your comments, we’re trying to help people to understand more about the tools and solutions.

      I’ve seen many retailers using EXCEL as main tools of planning even they have RPAS Solutions. It’s happened because there are issues during the implementation of solutions and mainly because there aren’t good support of TI team and Oracle (consultings and product) to properly training the users.

      We’re preparing the last part of review of V15. This part will be about Fusion Client and maybe it’ll help you to understand more about this new version.


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  3. I am getting this error when i try to full install the config for the first time. Please help.
    “Prior configuration load failed: mfpcustfirst in C:\oracle\rpas\mfpcustfirst\domain\installs
    There was 1 warning:
    1) testConfigurationLoad(com.retek.ride.installer.tasks.TestPriorConfigurationLoad)

    • Hi Ganesh,

      About this message, it happens because there are any error in the configuration. Check in Tasklist, in ConfigTools, if you have any error message to understand what happened.

      RPAS Consulting Team

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